Photos of the Minneapolis Triangle Park
Dedicated to preserving and beautifying Triangle Park, an urban gateway. make a donation

The Triangle Park is a welcoming gateway green space into the heart of the city of Minneapolis. It is a landscaped park seen by thousands of people every day as they commute into Minneapolis\’ busy downtown.

To date our volunteers have contributed funds, fund raising, planning and planting efforts. We worked with City Council member Lisa Goodman to obtain access to the water system, regular police patrols and trash pickup. We contacted the Park Board to complete removal of an ailing tree and trimming of the rest of the trees.

Our horticulture volunteers work through the spring and summer to weed and nurture existing flowers in the flowerbeds, and transport and distribute mulch. We have obtained the services of a Master Gardener to provide advice, presentations of appropriate plantings, and a design for the spring planting season. She is our contact to nurseries to determine what plants are available for our May planting.

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